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OHWOAI 100% Wireless Solar-Powered Cameras with Dual Antennas and 2-Way Audio,Outdoor Security Camera System, Battery Operated, 3.0MP 1536P WiFi Home Surveillance Cameras with Night Vision

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About this item

  • 《Reliable Solar-Powered & Battery Backup》: Equipped with a robust 21700mAh rechargeable battery and a high-efficiency solar panel, this camera system guarantees uninterrupted power. Enjoy a completely cord-free setup, eliminating the hassle of power cords. Easy connection to a 2.4G wireless router extends coverage throughout your home (please note, it doesn't support 5G Wi-Fi).
  • 《Enhanced Dual Antennas for Extended Range》: Our wireless battery-powered security cameras feature upgraded dual antennas, ensuring you receive Wi-Fi signals from greater distances. Enjoy approximately 55% stronger signal strength compared to single-antenna cameras, resulting in superior video quality and minimal lag.
  • 《Crystal Clear Two-Way Audio》: With built-in microphones and speakers, these solar cameras support seamless two-way audio functionality, capturing sounds within approximately 35 feet (10 meters). Communicate with individuals near the camera from anywhere, enhancing family connections and acting as a powerful deterrent against potential threats.
  • 《3.0MP HD Clarity & Real IP67 Waterproofing》: Experience top-tier image quality with a 3.0MP 1536P advanced optical lens, providing an extraordinary 2048x1536 Mega Pixels resolution, surpassing standard 1080P cameras. Encased in a durable all-metal housing and boasting an IP67 waterproof rating, this camera excels in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • 《AI Human Detection & Remote Access》: These solar battery cameras feature cutting-edge AI Human Detection technology, accurately identifying human movement, reducing false alerts by up to 99%. Benefit from motion detection recording and alarms, with remote access from your phone, tablet, or PC. Receive email alerts when motion is detected, keeping you informed about critical events.

Two-way Audio Camera

The battery powered wireless security camera system features an integrated microphone and speaker, allowing for two-way audio calls. This enables you to not only see and hear what is happening at home, but also engage in seamless conversations from any location.

Enhanced Dual Wi-Fi Antenna
  • The Wi-Fi antenna modules of the OHWOAI battery operated wireless surveillance system are designed to receive your network connection over a wider range, resulting in improved video stability and reduced issues with poor connections. Compared to standard cameras, these antennas offer a doubled signal transmission distance.
  • The solar battery camera is compatible with a stable 2.4G Wi-Fi network and does not support 5 GHz.
Truly Wireless,Solar Powered Camera
  • The outdoor wireless battery operated security camera system eliminates the need for network cables, power cables, and outlets.
  • It is important to note that the intensity of sunlight varies across different seasons, which can impact energy production. To maximize sun exposure, it is recommended to periodically adjust the orientation of the solar panel.
  • External factors, such as shade, leaves, and the accumulation of dust or debris on the surface, can also affect the efficiency of the solar panel in generating power. Therefore, it is advised to regularly remove any obstructions or debris if present.
Smart Playback
  • OHWOAI Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery Camera system utilizes advanced storage technology and is designed with a TF card slot. This allows you to use a TF card to record videos and playback at your convenience, regardless of your location. With this system, you will never miss a moment.
  • Please note that the TF card is not included in the package.

AI Human Detection & Email Alerts

Unlike traditional PIR sensors, the AI battery operated wireless security system distinguishes itself by detecting only human movement. It sends alerts to you when a human body appear within the camera's coverage, while disregarding triggers from leaves, animals, or insects, thereby significantly reducing false alarms by up to 99%. Whenever an event occurs, the solar battery camera system promptly sends you an email alert, ensuring that you can always stay informed about ongoing activities.

NEWEST H.265+ Video Compression Technology

The NVR of the wireless battery security camera system incorporates the latest 2023 H.265+ compression technology, which offers compression rates at least double that of H.264 compression technology. This advanced video compression ensures faster transmission speeds, clearer and smoother images, and allows for more detailed playback.

3.0MP HD Cameras

The 3.0MP high pixel resolution IP cameras offer significantly clearer images compared to 1080p and 720p cameras. They provide high-quality video both during the day and night, ensuring that every detail is recorded and displayed clearly on your screen. Even in low-light conditions, the battery-powered wireless security camera system automatically switches to night mode, delivering a clear picture. This feature allows you to stay informed about events that occur while you are asleep, ensuring you don't miss any important details.

Multi-Device Remote Access

The OHWOAI battery operated wireless security camera system supports simultaneous viewing on multiple devices. Simply download the Honestview app on your mobile device (IOS or Android) or access it on your PC. It allows up to 3 people to view the live stream online at the same time.

Day and Night Surveillance

The IP66 weatherproof solar bullet camera is equipped with a wide 90° viewing angle, along with a 3 array IR-LED system for night vision, providing exceptional clarity at distances of up to 50 feet. In low lighting conditions, the camera's infrared mode is automatically activated, ensuring clear monitoring even at night. Any intruder who crosses paths with the OHWOAI battery powered security system will have their every move illuminated and captured in crystal clear detail.

IP66 Waterproof/Dust proof

The wireless solar camera is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it highly durable. It can operate flawlessly in both sunny and rainy weather, making it suitable for placement both indoors and outdoors. Regardless of the weather conditions, the camera will continue to function 24/7, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance.

90° Ultra Wide-Angle Lens

The outdoor security camera system wireless battery optical wide-angle lens adopts a multi-layer lens to provide you with a wide viewing angle of about 90°, effectively reducing the dead angle of the monitoring area.

What's in the box

  • Solar PTZ Cameera 4.0MP * 2
  • 10-CH Wireless NVR* 1
  • Solar Panel for Camera * 2
  • Remote * 1
  • Power Charger Cable for Camera * 2
OHWOAI 100% Wireless Solar-Powered Cameras with Dual Antennas and 2-Way Audio,Outdoor Security Camera System, Battery Operated, 3.0MP 1536P WiFi Home Surveillance Cameras with Night Vision
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