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To Install or Not to Install Surveillance Cameras: Enhancing Security with OHWOAI's POE Camera System

In today's world, surveillance cameras have become ubiquitous, with various types of cameras seen everywhere in our lives - from roads, supermarkets, parks, to shopping malls. We are all constantly under the watchful eyes of these cameras.

So, should we install surveillance cameras at home? When do we need to consider installing surveillance cameras? Generally, we think about installing surveillance cameras for practical reasons, such as protecting our property or monitoring family members and pets. Here are some common scenarios where we may need surveillance cameras:

Enhanced Security: One of the most common reasons for installing surveillance cameras at home is to ensure security and prevent theft. When the house is unoccupied for extended periods, having an extra set of "eyes" to monitor its surroundings becomes crucial.

Caring for Elderly Family Members: For households with elderly members, monitoring their well-being becomes essential. Surveillance cameras enable timely observation and the ability to stay connected with them.

Child and Nanny Monitoring: Parents who have babies or young children may require surveillance cameras to keep an eye on them while they are alone at home or under the care of a nanny.

Pet Companionship: For pet owners, the desire to remotely interact with and monitor their furry companions, even when they are away from home, becomes possible through surveillance cameras.

Real-time Observation: There might be specific areas within the home, like balconies, yards, or private parking spaces, where real-time observation is desired.

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