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2-Antennas Enchance Security Camera System Wireless, 10-Channel 5MP NVR, 8PCS 1536P 3.0MP CCTV WI-FI IP Cameras for Homes,OHWOAI HD Surveillance Video Security System.

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Product Description

Real Dual Antenna to enhance WiFi

Wireless signal is very important for wirelsss system. If the wireless signal is weak, the video will be blurred/stalled/disappeared, so we will update all cameras to real dual antennas.The signal transmission distance is doubled compared to ordinary cameras, and the video will be even better,smoother and clearer.

AI Human Detection & Remote Access

With most advanced AI Human Detection technology,OHWOAI wireless security camera only detects human movement.It's more accurate than PIR or motion detection camera,avoiding 99% false alerts.System supports motion detected record & alarm and allows you to access it remotely from your phone,tablet or PC.When movement is detected,the system will send you email alert so you can see what's happening.It supports up to 3 people to view online simultaneously.

Video Storage

This 8 camera wireless security system has a preinstalled hard drive. The advanced compression technology allows the hard drive store more videos and pictures than any other system.You will not have to worry about missing any important moments, and it does not need to assemble extra hard drive normally, save your money and time.

3.0MP HD Weatherproof & Night Vision

Adopted 3.0MP high-tech optical lens, the security camera presents a higher 2048*1536 Mega Pixels super high definition frames than 1080P cameras.All-metal housing, IP67 waterproof, can be used in outdoor and indoor environment.It has a 3DNR noise reduction technology,36 LED lights with SMART HDR function. The video can be seen clearly in bright light or dark places.

Update Two-way Audio

Built-in microphone, expandable 5W high-power speaker(sold separately),to achieve true two-way audio.It can record sounds within about 33ft(10 meters).Two-way audio allows you to talk to others,and you can talk to suspicious people directly if necessary.Notice:Only when used with extend speaker,this system can achieve two-way audio.

OHWOAI Security Camera System

OHWOAI specialized in Security&Surveillance for many years.Putting customers first is always our core value.

We specialize in a full video security products line including wireless surveillance camera Kits,PoE camera kits, NVR, high definition IP cameras, mini Camera and other Accessories which easy to use for both home and business.

In the past few years, we have developed a global market including the United States, Canada,Europe, South America, the Middle East and so on.

We will always offer customers high quality products .

Trust us and OHWOAI will never let you down.


OHWOAI Wireless Security Camera System.The best partner to protect your home.

Wireless Security NVR (10 channel 5.0MP)Specification:

Power: DC 12V 2A Network interface: 1 RJ45 10M/100M,2 WIFI connector

Recording: Manual,time,motion detection,alarm

WIFI Camera Specification:

Resolution:2048x1536. Power input:DC 12V-1A

Weatherproof/Shutter/Lens : IP67/ 1/25s to 1/25000s/ 3.6mm

Night Vision/White balance:36 pcs IR-LEDS/3D-DNR: AUTO


    OHWOAI Wireless Security Camera System

    Easy To Set Up——True Plug & Play / Auto-pair Style

    How to connect::


    1. Please connect the NVR and Cameras to Power Supply Provided(NVR box 12V2A/Camera12V1A)
    2. Connect the Mouse to NVR. Connect PC/TV monitor to NVR with a VGA/HDMI Cable(Not provided)
    3. Please connect the Router LAN Port to NVR WAN Port with Network Cable Provided
    4. Lastly, please follow the instructions to set up various system functions.
    • The wireless system doesn't exactly mean that there will be no cables. You still need to power on the camera and NVR. Cameras will auto-pair to NVR via built-in wifi.
    • NVR should be connected to router via ethernet cable if you need remote access.
    • This system comes with 4TB HDD.When the Hard Drive is full, it will overwrite automatically.
    • OHWOAI specializes in a full video security products line including wireless surveillance camera Kits,PoE camera kits,NVR,high definition IP cameras,mini Camera and other Accessories which easy to use for both home and business.
    • In the past few years, we have developed a global market including the United States, Canada,Europe, South America, the Middle East and so on.We service for more than 50,000,000 users.
    • We will always offer customers high quality products .

    AI Human Detection & Email Alert

    Different with the traditional PIR sensor, OHWOAI AI wireless security camera only detect human movement, send alerts to you when human body and shoulder show up in camera coverage, and won't be triggered by leaves, airflow, animals or insects, reduce your 99% false alarms!When something happens there,the system will send you an email alert so you can always see what's happening.


    Outdoor/Indoor Use

    Professional IP67 Waterproof camera,no matter how rough weather,the camera also keep recording,protect your house indoor or outdoor.Working temperature range from -5°F to 140°F

    Super Night Vision

    Equipped with 36PCS 845mm IR Led, IR-Cut Filter Auto Switch Which allow you to see clarity details even at night. 3.6mm Lens that wide enough to cover about 85° and up to 100ft view.

    At daytime the picture is colorful and at night mode the picture is black and white.

    Update Two-way Audio Camera

    Built-in microphone, expandable 5W high-power speaker(sold separately),to achieve true two-way audio.

    With the integrated microphone and speaker for two-way audio calls, you can not only see and hear what's happening, but also have a smooth conversation with anyone, anytime, anywhere over the mobile devices. Also you can save suspicious activities recording with sounds and warn the intruders.

    Notice:Only when used with extend speaker,this system can achieve two-way audio.

    Enhanced Dual Wi-Fi Antenna

    Wi-Fi antenna modules of OHWOAI wireless security outdoor camera will be able to receive your network connection in a wider range making video more stable and reduces poor connection issues.The signal transmission distance is doubled compared to ordinary cameras.

    The camera works with stable 2.4G Wi-Fi network. Does not support 5 GHz.



    Multi-Device Remote Access

    • The OHWOAI security system supports simultaneous viewing on different devices by just downloading the IP Pro or Eseecloud app on your mobile (IOS or Android)or PC.

    4TB Hard Drive & 60 Days Storage

    • The pre-installed 4TB HDD in the NVR can store up to 60 days of video recording.You can enjoy the local Intelligent Playback feature at anytime and anywhere.
    • With the most advanced compression technology, you can save up to 50% Video Storage Space as compared with H.264+ ,new video compression could provide faster transmission speed, clearer and smoother picture.

    What are included in the package?

    • Our Business Philosophy--Putting Customers First
    • If you have any problems with the product, please call or mail our tech support as soon as possible.
    • Apart from the camera, OHWAI also offers accessories that you can look into, that may fit into your needs.
    • You can add accessories to your security system, like expanded camera, Wi-Fi extender, extended antenna, etc.

    Product Information

    Product Dimensions: 13.6 x 11 x 9 inches

    Item Weight: 14.17 pounds


    Package Includes

    IP67 Waterproof 3.0MP Wireless Security Camera * 8

    3.0DB Antenna for Camera * 16

    Wireless NVR Pre-install 4TB Hard Drive * 1

    10FT Cable Power Supply for Camera * 8

    3FT Cable Power Supply for NVR * 1

    Extend Antenna * 2

    USB Mouse * 1

    HDMI Cable * 1

    Network Cable * 1

    Remote/Manual/Warning Sticker/Screw pack * Some

    Customer Questions & Answers

    Question:Can i cut off the ethernet connection? I will never use. It will help with mounting my cameras.
    Answer:Thanks for your question.
    NVR should be connected to router via ethernet cable if you need remote access,if you don't use ethernet,You don't have to connect.

    Question:Am i able to purchase additional cameras ?
    Answer:Thanks for your question.
    Our wireless security system supports up to 10 cameras each, you couldn't add more than 10 cameras to one system.

    Question:How many cameras can be added to upgrade this system?
    Thanks for your question.
    System you are inquiring supports up to 10 cameras, you couldn't add more than 10 cameras to one system.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to email us, we will respond as expeditious as possible.

    Question:Can i stop reviewing when movement is detected then play review in reverse,,stopping and moving curser is a real time consuming pain
    Answer:I'm just another customer, not the manufacturer. That being said, I'm still trying to figure out the playback too. Not the most user-friendly interface. The only thing I can figure to do is play forward at max speed, which seems to be 8x, then drag the vertical time line backwards and play forward again.

    Question:How to share
    Answer:Thanks for your question.
    The OHWOAI security system supports multiple-devices viewing simultaneously.
    Download the IP Pro or Eseecloud app on your mobile (IOS or Android)or PC.Once setup, you can enjoy cameras simultaneous viewing on the app. You’ll never miss out on a moment, no matter where you are.

    Question:Does the playback have a fast forward function?
    Answer:Thanks for your question.
    If you want to fast forward during playback, you can do it on the NVR but not the phone.

    Warranty & Customer Service

    Email: (reply in 24 hours.)

    Phone: +1(863)869-6025 (Eastern time Monday to Friday:9:00am - 5:00pm).

    Warranty for 1 year from Date of Purchase



    OHWOAI was founded in 2003 by Mr. Eric Lee, who was engaged in CCTV industry over 25 years. OHWOAI has grown rapidly in these year and built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality video products and excellent customer service. We have diligent and knowledgeable in-house engineering staff that provides excellent pre-sale and post-sale support to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We are confident that our products can bring you the peace of mind you desire in making your homes and businesses safe and secure. OHWOAI — Your Trusted Home Security Solutions Partner!!!

    Our products

    Our products include:Wireless Camera Systems,POE Camera systems, high definition Analog Camera Systems ,DVRs/NVRs, IP Cameras,,etc.Our products are widely used in projects of government, bank, school, hospital and all kinds of security areas.


    Work's well

    It is easy to install all the cameras and the whole setup, however best if you have a spare monitor to use with this system. I have had this for over 4 months and it works well. The cameras have a great range on them. I have a couple cameras that are 150-160ft from the main unit and work perfect. They even go thru one wall. I have another one that has to go thru several walls, probably about 60ft away and it loses connection, occasionally, but not bad. It is great to be able to go back to a certain day and time and locate a person or delivery very easily. I still have not learned everything, have had to contact customer service a few times. She knows alot, but for me is somewhat hard to understand. The only negative that I have found is the motion feature does send quite a few false alarms, even when you set the camera on the least sensitive setting, and block out areas where trees might blow, etc. If you rely on this to notify you when you are away, you may get quite a few wake up text alerts. Overall this is a great system, especially for the money.


    Best Security Cameras Ever

    I love these cameras. They are the best security cameras I’ve ever purchased. I ordered these cameras in 2019 for my Arkansas home and they are still working well. I can monitor my home from anywhere. I now have a new home in another State and I just purchase these same cameras for my new house and I can’t wait to install them so I can monitor my home when I’m away. Download the IP Pro App to your mobile phone or any device of your choice and your ready to play and monitor your home while you are away. The pictures are very clear and what I like best is it has a 4TB HDD that records videos and pictures up to 60 days. OHWAI Security Cameras will keep your home safe, order yours today.


    Nice system and 100% tech support!

    I don't know where to start. This system is amazing. Most of the answers I needed are in the book! Read it first. When I did need clarification the service representative at the number in the book was amazing and very patient. One of the really nice features is how simple it is playback recorded video (see pictures) and with a 4 terabyte drive it can record a long time. The system I replaced doesn't even compare.

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