Components of a Surveillance System

A comprehensive surveillance system consists of four main components: camera equipment, control devices, transmission equipment, and display devices.

Camera Equipment:
The camera equipment comprises cameras and microphones. Our brand, OHWOAI, offers a wide range of cameras, including indoor and outdoor models, wired and wireless options, high-definition with night vision capabilities, catering to various monitoring needs. Microphones are used for audio capture, although they are less commonly used in civilian surveillance setups.

Control Devices:
Control devices come in two types: video capture cards and digital video recorders (DVRs). Video capture cards require connection to a computer, relying on the computer for operation and storing video recordings on its hard drive. They provide the advantage of easy data retrieval but are not suitable for continuous 24/7 recording. On the other hand, DVRs are standalone devices equipped with internal hard drives, enabling continuous and reliable 24/7 recording.

Transmission Equipment:
Transmission equipment includes video cables, power cables, and video/power combined cables. Video cables are used to connect cameras to control devices, facilitating video signal transmission. Power cables are used to deliver electric current to cameras from power sources, especially when the distance between cameras and power sources is significant. Video/power combined cables offer a solution for long distances and situations where separate video and power connections are inconvenient, as they transmit both video and power signals through a single cable.

Display Devices:
The display devices are responsible for showing surveillance videos. Modern surveillance systems often utilize LCD monitors or computer screens as display devices, allowing users to view real-time monitoring footage. Moreover, advanced surveillance systems support remote monitoring, enabling users to access live video feeds on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

In conclusion, OHWOAI's surveillance systems consist of advanced camera equipment, efficient control devices, reliable transmission equipment, and convenient display devices. Whether it's for home security or commercial applications, our surveillance systems provide comprehensive security solutions. Choose OHWOAI, and you'll have a top-notch surveillance system ensuring your safety with confidence!

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