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Installing Surveillance Cameras: Methods and Best Practices

At OHWOAI, we understand the importance of proper installation for surveillance cameras to ensure optimal performance and security. Here are some key points to consider when installing surveillance cameras:

1. Camera Placement and Height
The installation height of surveillance cameras plays a crucial role in capturing the desired field of view. For indoor settings, cameras should be installed at a height not lower than 2.5 meters above the ground. For outdoor installations, the recommended height is not lower than 3.5 meters. This ensures a clear view and minimizes the risk of tampering.

2. Secure and Coordinated Installation
The surveillance cameras and their accompanying devices, such as lenses, camera housings, brackets, and wipers, should be installed securely and operate flexibly. It's essential to pay attention to potential vandalism and ensure the camera placement blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment. At OHWOAI, our products come with sturdy and adaptable mounting solutions to suit various surveillance scenarios.

3. Isolation from Electromagnetic Interference
In environments with strong electromagnetic interference, it is vital to isolate the surveillance cameras from the ground. This measure prevents electrical disturbances from affecting the camera's performance. Our surveillance cameras at OHWOAI are designed with advanced shielding to withstand electromagnetic interference, ensuring reliable and stable surveillance footage.

4. Separate Signal and Power Lines
To maintain efficiency and prevent signal interference, it's essential to run separate signal and power lines. Care should be taken to protect exposed parts of the cables using suitable conduit or tubing, without hindering the pan and tilt capabilities of the camera.

5. Elevator Surveillance Camera Placement
For elevator cabins, the surveillance camera should be installed either on the left or right side above the cabin door. This strategic placement ensures effective monitoring of passengers' facial features inside the elevator cabin.

At OHWOAI, we offer a wide range of surveillance camera solutions that are designed with these installation best practices in mind. Our products are not only easy to install but also come with comprehensive technical support to help you achieve the most effective surveillance setup.

Choose OHWOAI for reliable surveillance solutions and experience the utmost security for your premises.

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