Integrated Surveillance Camera Core - Waterproof and Fog-proof Solutions

This article focuses on how the integrated surveillance camera core effectively combats water and fog-related challenges, ensuring reliable waterproof performance, and introduces technological innovations to tackle fog-related issues. We aim to provide clear and visible monitoring footage, elevating the level of security for smart home applications.

Camera Core Waterproof Rating:
Our integrated surveillance camera core adheres to high-standard protection ratings, IP66 and IP67, ensuring complete dust protection and resistance to powerful water jets. This allows the camera core to operate seamlessly under extreme weather conditions, including heavy rainfall, maintaining stability and reliability.

Sealing Design:
To ensure effective waterproofing, we implement rigorous sealing designs. Each camera core's front glass is meticulously bonded with high-quality adhesive to eliminate any gaps. The junctions of the camera body and cable outlets are equipped with waterproof rubber rings, precisely fitted into grooves. Additionally, network and power interfaces are concealed indoors to avoid the risk of water ingress.

Intelligent Defogging Technology:
To address fog-related issues, we have introduced intelligent defogging technology within the surveillance camera core. At 0°C, the heating device automatically initiates defogging, while in high-temperature conditions, the temperature control system activates fans for ventilation and cooling. This design effectively eliminates the impact of fog on monitoring footage, ensuring a consistently clear lens.

Technological Innovations and Advancements:
We continuously invest in research and development to drive innovation in waterproof and fog-proof technologies for surveillance camera cores. Understanding our customers' demands for system stability and image clarity, we are committed to enhancing the performance and reliability of our camera chips. In the future, we aim to lead the smart home security industry, offering superior products and solutions to our valued customers.

In terms of waterproof and fog-proof designs for integrated surveillance camera cores, OHWOAI upholds high standards and a rigorous approach, providing steadfast security for your home. Regardless of adverse weather conditions or challenging environments, our camera cores maintain clear visibility, ensuring the safety and peace of mind for your cherished abode.

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