Mastering the Art of Selecting and Installing Surveillance Systems: An OHWOAI Perspective

In an era of rapid societal advancement, the prevalence of surveillance cameras has grown exponentially, adorning our surroundings with an array of visual sentinels. Amidst this diverse landscape of video surveillance products, making informed decisions becomes pivotal. The differences among them, the nuances in choice, and the considerations during installation – all these aspects warrant exploration. As an OHWOAI surveillance brand, we're here to guide you through the labyrinth of surveillance wisdom, offering insights into the common knowledge encountered during the installation and utilization of surveillance products.


**Strategic Selection of Surveillance Cameras:**


  1. **Tailored Coverage:** When tasked with monitoring a 20 square meter space, the optimal choice leans towards a camera equipped with a 2.8mm wide-angle lens. This lens empowers comprehensive coverage, capturing more within a single frame.


  1. **Precision at Proximity:** For distances up to 30 meters, the robust capabilities of the Sharp 1/4 CCD camera come into play. Its discerning eye ensures impeccable image clarity within this range. However, should the need arise to venture beyond this distance, we recommend the Sony 1/3 CCD camera, renowned for its prowess in night vision scenarios. Additionally, to guarantee impeccable infrared illumination, we advise allocating a distance buffer for optimal results.


  1. **Conquering Distance:** Beyond the 60-meter mark, the judicious augmentation of lighting on the subject becomes crucial for maintaining clarity and visibility. A prudent strategy for enhancing the effective range of infrared cameras is to consider the actual distance as merely half of the nominal distance, thereby ensuring uncompromised performance.


  1. **Convenience Store Surveillance:** For surveillance applications pertinent to the perimeter of convenience stores, an astute choice revolves around a 30-meter infrared camera. Complementing this selection with a 2.8/3.6mm lens yields optimal results, capturing the essence of the environment while maintaining efficiency.


  1. **Navigating Corridors:** Tailoring camera lenses to specific corridors is paramount. For a 10-meter hallway, a 3.6mm lens coupled with a 30-meter infrared camera presents an optimal solution. Similarly, a 15-meter hallway warrants a 6mm lens with a 30-meter infrared camera. Meanwhile, a 25-meter hallway harmonizes with an 8mm lens and a 30-meter infrared camera.


  1. **Community Gate Security:** When fortifying community gate security, a 50-meter infrared camera equipped with a 6/8mm lens is the go-to choice. For bullet cameras, the synergy with a 6-15mm varifocal lens ensures the capture of vital details.


  1. **Highway Vigilance:** The demands of high-speed highways necessitate cameras equipped with 5-100-meter variable zoom or automatic aperture lenses. These lenses empower efficient monitoring of vast stretches, ensuring vital details are within your grasp.


  1. **Precision in Positioning:** As a general principle, lower camera installations tend to yield superior outcomes. However, for outdoor areas susceptible to vandalism, an intelligent choice would be the adoption of vandal-resistant cameras. These specialized units boast enhanced durability and robustness, safeguarding the integrity of your surveillance setup.


  1. **License Plate Proficiency:** For the meticulous task of capturing license plate numbers within community settings, the Crystal Shield JD-2900GSC lens is an optimal choice. The camera's height should not exceed 1.2 meters, ensuring optimal capture angles while maintaining discreet positioning.


  1. **Educational Insight:** In educational environments, the fusion of a 480-line bullet camera with a 6-60mm lens proves advantageous. Installed inconspicuously at the rear of the classroom, this setup facilitates instructional analysis without undue intrusion.


**Savvy Camera Installation Techniques:**


  1. **Optimal Indoor Solutions:** Indoor settings, characterized by relatively even lighting conditions, harmonize well with Sharp CCD cameras. For the outdoors, however, Sony CCD cameras reign supreme, adeptly navigating varied lighting scenarios.


  1. **Elevating Standards:** Elevated standards necessitate a camera system of 480 lines. The Crystal Shield JD-2687S infrared waterproof camera embodies this excellence, ensuring that even the most intricate details are captured with clarity.


  1. **Nighttime Distances:** When tasked with nighttime surveillance over substantial distances, a prudent choice would involve opting for cameras featuring variable zoom infrared, infrared speed domes, or high-speed infrared domes. To optimize performance, auxiliary lighting becomes a crucial ally.


  1. **Balancing Performance:** Optimal performance within vast distances with ample lighting solely requires the deployment of uniform-speed domes or high-speed domes, each equipped with standard cores. This strategic choice upholds image clarity while navigating expansive surroundings.


  1. **Backlighting Awareness:** When installing cameras, it is pivotal to avoid backlighting scenarios. Such scenarios compromise the visual clarity of the captured footage.


The journey into the realm of surveillance is nuanced and precise. Armed with the discerning wisdom of selecting the right cameras and orchestrating their strategic installation, you're not merely establishing surveillance systems – you're cultivating a haven of security and tranquility for those entrusted under your watchful gaze. As an OHWOAI surveillance brand, we're here to empower you with these insights, ensuring that your vigilance yields optimal results. Through meticulous planning and strategic execution,

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