Understanding Internet-based Surveillance Systems - In-depth Analysis of Network Monitoring System Components

The rapid advancement of surveillance technology has led to the emergence of sophisticated internet-based surveillance systems. In this article, we will explore the key components that constitute an efficient surveillance system from the perspective of the innovative OHWOAI brand. These components play vital roles in ensuring seamless video monitoring and data management.

Front-End Cameras:
The OHWOAI front-end cameras, including bullet cameras and dome cameras, work in tandem with lenses, which are designed to capture outdoor surveillance scenes. To enhance outdoor camera protection against lightning, integrated surge protectors are added to the setup. The design considerations also account for signal and power surge protection.

Transmission Cables:
The surveillance system is optimized for data transmission efficiency. To achieve Power over Ethernet (POE) capability, OHWOAI utilizes high-quality network cables combined with power lines. For optimal performance, the maximum transmission distance is kept within 75 meters.

Network Switches:
OHWOAI recommends using switches within a 90-meter range to connect cameras. In cases where the distance exceeds 90 meters, a combination of network jumpers, optical transceivers, and optical cables can be employed. The number of front-end cameras determines the appropriate switch port capacity. To ensure smooth data flow, the switch's upload bandwidth should have a 45% redundancy, accommodating multiple 2M/4M/8M bitrate streams. The 1000M uplink ports are ideal for cameras with bitrates above 60Mbps.

Optical Transmission Accessories:
To facilitate data transfer through optical fibers, OHWOAI provides optical modules, optical cables, jumpers, pigtails, and couplers (such as SC-LC, LC-LC). Additionally, optical fiber distribution racks or cabinets are essential for proper organization.

Core Switches:
For efficient data management, OHWOAI recommends selecting core switches based on the total bandwidth requirements of the connected front-end switches and cameras. Calculating packet forwarding rate and backplane bandwidth helps in determining suitable core switch specifications.

Storage Devices:
OHWOAI offers a variety of storage solutions, including Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and centralized storage devices. The capacity is determined by the number of camera channels and ensures seamless recording and data retrieval.

To facilitate video display, OHWOAI provides decoders that align with the number of connected monitors. These decoders ensure smooth decoding and real-time video streaming for the best viewing experience.

By understanding the core components of OHWOAI's internet-based surveillance systems, users can create a comprehensive and efficient video monitoring solution. Each element is thoughtfully designed to meet the diverse needs of security applications, ensuring reliable and advanced surveillance capabilities.

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