Unveiling the Classification of Surveillance Cameras

In the realm of security surveillance, understanding the intricate classification of cameras is pivotal. As the demand for digital security solutions surges, individuals and enterprises alike seek to comprehend the differentiating factors that shape camera capabilities, performance, and pricing. At OHWOAI, we offer you an in-depth perspective on the diverse components and structures that constitute surveillance cameras, empowering you with a comprehensive comprehension.


**1. Color Classification**


**(1) Color Cameras:** These cameras cater to situations requiring intricate detail recognition, such as distinguishing clothing colors or object hues. The inclusion of color significantly amplifies the information conveyed—commonly regarded as tenfold the content of black and white counterparts.


**(2) Black and White Cameras:** Suited for areas with limited light conditions or scenarios where installing lighting equipment is impractical, especially during nighttime. These cameras come into play when prioritizing location monitoring or movement detection, often featuring resolutions that surpass those of color cameras.


**2. Resolution-Based Segmentation**


**(1) Entry-Level:** Boasting image pixel counts of around 250,000, color resolution reaching 330 lines, and black and white resolution hovering around 420 lines.


**(2) Mid-Range:** Encompassing image pixel counts between 250,000 and 380,000, with color resolution approximately at 420 lines and black and white resolution fluctuating around 500 lines.


**(3) High-End:** Exceeding 380,000 image pixels, boasting color resolution equal to or greater than 480 lines, and black and white resolution exceeding 570 lines.


**3. Sensitivity Categorization**


**(1) Standard Sensitivity:** Functioning under regular conditions, requiring an illumination level of 1 to 3 lux.


**(2) Moonlight Sensitivity:** Thriving at an illumination level of approximately 0.1 lux, ideal for dim environments.


**(3) Starlight Sensitivity:** Excelling in exceptionally low-light conditions, operating efficiently at illumination levels below 0.01 lux.


**(4) Infrared Illumination:** Facilitating imaging in near-zero-light conditions, harnessing infrared light sources for seamless operation.


**4. CCD Sensor Size Differentiation**


**(1) 1-Inch Sensors:** Sporting dimensions of roughly 12.7mm in width by 9.6mm in height, with a diagonal span of 16mm.


**(2) 2/3-Inch Sensors:** Featuring dimensions of around 8.8mm width by 6.6mm height, encapsulating an 11mm diagonal.


**(3) 1/2-Inch Sensors:** Encompassing dimensions of approximately 6.4mm width by 4.8mm height, with an 8mm diagonal.


**(4) 1/3-Inch Sensors:** Boasting a sensor size of about 4.8mm width by 3.6mm height, with a diagonal measurement of 6mm.


**(5) 1/4-Inch Sensors:** Equipped with an area measuring approximately 3.2mm width by 2.4mm height, and a diagonal span of 4mm.


**(6) 1/5-Inch Sensors:** Under active development and not yet introduced as formal products.


In addition to these insightful categorizations, it is important to note that CCD cameras adhere to both PAL and NTSC standards. Furthermore, cameras can also be discerned based on distinct image signal processing methodologies or unique structural designs. At OHWOAI, we embrace the intricacies of surveillance cameras, empowering you with tailored solutions. Experience the future of security with OHWOAI—where innovation meets surveillance with unwavering clarity, serving the evolving needs of businesses, homes, and enterprises worldwide. Elevate your security with our cutting-edge wireless surveillance camera systems, IP security camera systems with hard drives, fully wireless security cameras, and more. Discover the power of surveillance reimagined.

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