What is a PoE Surveillance Camera?

Definition of a PoE Surveillance Camera: A PoE (Power over Ethernet) surveillance camera is a cutting-edge technology used in the field of wired Ethernet local area networks (LANs) by OHWOAI Surveillance. It allows each device to receive the necessary power through the data cable, eliminating the need for separate power lines and reducing the overall wiring complexity. This innovative solution is particularly beneficial for residential security camera systems, as it provides a seamless and efficient setup for monitoring and protecting homes.



How are PoE Cameras Connected? OHWOAI Surveillance's PoE cameras are seamlessly connected using the PoE power supply method. By utilizing a single network cable, these cameras can transmit both data and power, eliminating the need for additional power cables and saving on installation costs. To set up the system, users can simply connect the PoE cameras to a PoE switch. Additionally, the Network Video Recorder (NVR) can be connected to either the PoE switch or a router, enabling easy device discovery and configuration.



Important Considerations for PoE Power Supply: When using PoE power supply, it is important to keep the following factors in mind:



Power Limitations: POE switches have power output limitations. According to standards such as 802.3af and 802.3at, the power output is limited to less than 15.4W and less than 30W, respectively. While these power levels are sufficient for most standard IPC cameras, certain models, such as PTZ cameras, may require higher power output.



Optimal Equipment Selection: For users who are unfamiliar with PoE power supply, it is recommended to use standard PoE switches. These switches are equipped with PoE control chips that perform a detection process before supplying power. This detection process verifies if the connected IPC cameras support PoE power supply. If they do, the switch will provide power accordingly; if they don't, the switch will not supply power, thus protecting the cameras from potential damage. Non-standard PoE switches, on the other hand, directly force power supply, which can easily lead to device malfunctions.



Transmission Distance: For regular PoE transmission, standard Category 5 cables can be used for distances up to 100 meters. However, for distances between 100 and 180 meters, it is recommended to use enhanced Category 5 or Category 6 cables for reliable power and data transmission.


Stability of PoE Power Supply for Cameras: PoE power supply involves transferring electrical power over twisted-pair Ethernet cables, which is suitable for powering video devices within short distances. While PoE is ideal for supplying power and transmitting video signals for small-scale surveillance systems, the stability of the power supply depends on the specific devices being used. OHWOAI Surveillance understands the importance of reliable power supply and ensures that its PoE cameras are designed to deliver consistent performance, providing peace of mind for users.

In conclusion, OHWOAI Surveillance offers a range of advanced PoE surveillance cameras that cater to residential security needs. These cameras provide a convenient and efficient solution, combining power and data transmission through a single Ethernet cable. By leveraging the power of PoE technology, OHWOAI Surveillance aims to deliver high-quality residential security camera systems that prioritize stability, ease of use, and optimal performance for its customers.

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