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CCTV Power Supply 18 Channel Port Box,CCTV DC Distributed Power Box Supply Output AC to DC 12V 20A,AC Plug and Lock for Security Cameras, DVRs, IP Cameras, CCTV Cameras

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CCTV Power Supply 18 Channel Port Box,CCTV DC Distributed Power Box Supply Output AC to DC 12V 20A,AC Plug and Lock for Security Cameras, DVRs, IP Cameras, CCTV Cameras

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Product Description


Input: AC 110-220V, 50/60 Hz.Maximum total Output: DC 12V.Maxim for each port is 1.11A.Supply Current: 20A.18-port design allows the power bank to support several cameras simultaneously.

Commercial Grade Quality

The use of new metal materials, pressure-resistant, wear-resistant reinforced shell structure,Used more safely and conveniently than other thanks to its sealed design.

Separately Fused Ports

Every Channel is Protected by using separate fused to ensure short-circuits and surges do not affect other connected devices.

Multiple Uses

CCTV distributed power box can be used to power most any DC 12V devices, including CCTV equipment, Microphone, some Digital Video Recorder, or LED strip lights, etc.

Package Includes

One 18CH 12V DC Power box,Key Lock, Rubber Seal, Installation Accessories.

Product Display

  • The power distribution system of metal boxed power supply makes it with multiple outputs, Individual PTC reset table.
  • Fuses on channel boards can protect the device from overload or short circuit. Output voltage is adjustable to bear voltage.
  • Drop after longer distance transmission. The device is your first choice of power solution in CCTV System.

Package List

  • 1 × Power Supply Box
  • 1 ×AC Power Cord
  • 2 ×Key Lock
  • 1 ×instruction

Separately Fused for Ultimate Reliance

Secured Access with Lock & Key

Suitable for most 12V devices

All our power supplies are individually fused for each port at 1.11 amps, which can easily solve any short-circuit faults that may occur in electrical projects. Likewise, if a defective device connected to the power supply may cause electrical problems, all other ports will not be affected. Each unit has a built-in lock cylinder and key to ensure safe and easy access. The all-metal structure prevents unwelcome visitors and intruders from accessing and disabling your power supply. Due to the widespread use of 12V power supplies, our products can be used to power many 12V devices, keeping your life away from all these additional adapters. Applications include CCTV cameras, LED lights, routers, motors and more!

Product Information

Product Dimensions:2.6 x 9.96 x 10.67 inches

Item Weight:4.66 pounds


Package Includes

1 × Power Supply Box

1 ×AC Power Cord

2 ×Key Lock

1 ×instruction

Customer Questions & Answers

Question:Are these water proof outdoor rated?
Answer:I have mine outside and they work fine

Question:Is there a camera extension cord available for this?
Answer:I added my own extension cords.

Warranty & Customer Service

Email: (reply in 24 hours.)

Phone: +1(863)869-6025 (Eastern time Monday to Friday:9:00am - 5:00pm).

Warranty for 1 year from Date of Purchase

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OHWOAI was founded in 2003 by Mr. Eric Lee, who was engaged in CCTV industry over 25 years. OHWOAI has grown rapidly in these year and built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality video products and excellent customer service. We have diligent and knowledgeable in-house engineering staff that provides excellent pre-sale and post-sale support to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We are confident that our products can bring you the peace of mind you desire in making your homes and businesses safe and secure. OHWOAI — Your Trusted Home Security Solutions Partner!!!

Our products

Our products include:Wireless Camera Systems,POE Camera systems, high definition Analog Camera Systems ,DVRs/NVRs, IP Cameras,,etc.Our products are widely used in projects of government, bank, school, hospital and all kinds of security areas.


Work's well

It is easy to install all the cameras and the whole setup, however best if you have a spare monitor to use with this system. I have had this for over 4 months and it works well. The cameras have a great range on them. I have a couple cameras that are 150-160ft from the main unit and work perfect. They even go thru one wall. I have another one that has to go thru several walls, probably about 60ft away and it loses connection, occasionally, but not bad. It is great to be able to go back to a certain day and time and locate a person or delivery very easily. I still have not learned everything, have had to contact customer service a few times. She knows alot, but for me is somewhat hard to understand. The only negative that I have found is the motion feature does send quite a few false alarms, even when you set the camera on the least sensitive setting, and block out areas where trees might blow, etc. If you rely on this to notify you when you are away, you may get quite a few wake up text alerts. Overall this is a great system, especially for the money.


Best Security Cameras Ever

I love these cameras. They are the best security cameras I’ve ever purchased. I ordered these cameras in 2019 for my Arkansas home and they are still working well. I can monitor my home from anywhere. I now have a new home in another State and I just purchase these same cameras for my new house and I can’t wait to install them so I can monitor my home when I’m away. Download the IP Pro App to your mobile phone or any device of your choice and your ready to play and monitor your home while you are away. The pictures are very clear and what I like best is it has a 4TB HDD that records videos and pictures up to 60 days. OHWAI Security Cameras will keep your home safe, order yours today.


Nice system and 100% tech support!

I don't know where to start. This system is amazing. Most of the answers I needed are in the book! Read it first. When I did need clarification the service representative at the number in the book was amazing and very patient. One of the really nice features is how simple it is playback recorded video (see pictures) and with a 4 terabyte drive it can record a long time. The system I replaced doesn't even compare.

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