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Security Camera Junction Box Universal Security Camera Mount Waterproof Enclosure for CCTV Junction Box for Bullet Surveillance Camera(2 pack)

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Versatile Compatibility
OHWOAI's ABS plastic security camera junction box accommodates a wide range of surveillance cameras. It's ideal for outdoor use, waterproof, and offers cable management. Suitable for various mounts, it's the ultimate choice for your security needs.

Effortless Installation
Thanks to its sleek round design, setting up is a breeze. Say goodbye to complex installations. Our camera junction box guarantees a hassle-free experience, saving you time and effort. It's also compatible with universal security camera mounts, making the setup even more convenient.

Rugged Durability
Made from durable ABS plastic, this enclosure is built to last. It can withstand the test of time and protect your cables and wires from potential environmental hazards. Don't compromise on quality - choose a solution that stands up to the elements, just like our waterproof junction boxes.

Waterproof Assurance
With an impressive IP54 waterproof rating, this enclosure ensures reliable protection against moisture and water damage. Your cables and connections remain safe and secure, even in the most challenging weather conditions. It's the ultimate choice for outdoor security cameras, providing peace of mind for your surveillance & security cameras.

Environmental Hazard Shield
Safeguard your wires from potential environmental threats with the OHWOAI Plastic security junction box. It serves as a sturdy shield, ensuring the integrity of your cables, so you can rely on consistent and dependable performance, especially critical for security camera outdoor use and outside security cameras exposed to the elements. This protective measure is essential for maintaining the reliability of your surveillance & security cameras.


This junction box is specifically made for bullet cameras, so it won't be suitable for mounting dome cameras. If you plan to install a dome camera, please consider purchasing our all-purpose cable box designed for that type of camera.

Universal Compatibility

Crafted from sturdy ABS plastic, our camera junction box is engineered to accommodate a wide array of surveillance camera brands available on the market. Whether you own a popular brand or a niche model, this enclosure has you covered. It's the ideal choice for a universal security camera mount.

Effortless Installation

The sleek and round design of this concealment box ensures an easy and hassle-free installation process. Say goodbye to complicated setups and wasted time. With our product, you'll have your surveillance system up and running in no time. It's perfect for mounting on a security camera pole or an outdoor junction box.

Security Camera Junction Box Universal Security Camera Mount Waterproof Enclosure for CCTV Junction Box for Bullet Surveillance Camera(2 pack)
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