Advantages of Intelligent Surveillance Systems: A Perspective from OHWOAI

When it comes to security surveillance, various stakeholders such as manufacturers, integrators, engineers, and end-users are well aware of the mainstream technologies and trends in video monitoring. Terms like digitization, networking, 1080P, 2 million pixels, intelligent analysis, video summarization, video compression (H.265), and more have become common. However, these technical terms share a common trait – they are all presented from a technological standpoint. Yet, the essence of any project lies in its practical implementation. It should cater to user needs and fulfill specific functionalities to be truly effective. With this in mind, it becomes imperative for us to think from the users' perspective. We must evaluate products and technologies based on their ability to deliver required functionalities and add value to the system. Let's explore a few perspectives on the application of these technologies, as discussed within the industry.


**1. Extended Storage Duration: Enhancing Project Flexibility**


According to GB50348, the Technical Code for Safety of Security Engineering, "Data, images, sound recordings, and other record materials should be retained for at least 30 days to meet security management requirements." Many users tend to adopt this standard storage duration. However, some users might demand longer storage periods, such as two months. Thanks to advancements like H.265 technology and increased hard drive capacities (up to 4TB), high-level requirements can be met. Projects with adequate funding can indeed request longer storage periods, thus eliminating the need for frequent data purges. Moreover, with H.265 offering higher compression efficiency than H.264, the demand for bandwidth is reduced. Therefore, the requirement for "Extended Storage Duration" naturally drives manufacturers and engineers towards optimizing H.265 technology for superior video quality at reduced bandwidth consumption.


**2. Diverse Applications of Surveillance Footage: Beyond Security**


Initially designed for security purposes, surveillance systems have extended their applications to road monitoring, public safety, industrial production, and more. While pixel count is no longer a limiting factor, as evident by the availability of 2 million to 5 million pixel cameras, the focus shifts towards efficient utilization. These systems can provide not just security but also be integrated with various user-specific business processes. Unmanned operations eliminate the need for manual intervention, enhancing efficiency by incorporating intelligent analytics. For instance, beyond security applications, surveillance resources can aid businesses. Retailers can leverage footage to identify customer segments and tailor personalized services. This requires manufacturers and engineers to develop systems that seamlessly integrate surveillance data into user operations, creating additional value.


**3. Simplified System Management: Convenience and Efficiency**


Today, surveillance systems may involve hundreds of cameras, with some setups exceeding a thousand cameras. Conventional manual monitoring becomes challenging in such scenarios. Intelligent video systems provide a solution by employing computer vision and machine vision. These systems objectively analyze video content, identify anomalies or potential issues, and determine whether an alert is necessary. The instantaneous nature of alarms eliminates delays associated with manual operations, where encoding, saving, and transmitting alarms introduce latency. OHWOAI recognizes the demand for "Simplified System Management" and focuses on innovations like video summarization and quality diagnostics. These technologies enable more efficient management and automation of security systems.


**4. Compatibility with Major Brands: Towards Universal Interoperability**


System compatibility with different brands has been a longstanding challenge. The use of standards like ONVIF and GB/T 28181 provided a foundation, yet achieving seamless interoperability remained elusive. OHWOAI advocates for user-driven initiatives in large projects, encouraging collaboration between manufacturers to create truly IP-based systems. By focusing on the IP aspect of surveillance cameras, the brand becomes irrelevant. Cameras equipped with network interfaces can seamlessly integrate into IP-based security systems. This approach enhances "Compatibility with Major Brands," fostering a more cohesive and interoperable surveillance ecosystem.


**5. Simplified Device Installation: Easing Implementation Challenges**


In the current landscape, surveillance cameras often require both power and network connections. However, the industry yearns for a single cable solution, preferably Power over Ethernet (PoE). This approach simplifies installation, reducing the complexity of wiring. While wired connections tend to be more stable, advancements in PoE technology have enabled reliable power delivery over a single Ethernet cable. Additionally, wireless transmission solutions have seen significant progress, serving as a viable alternative for projects where wired infrastructure is impractical. "Simplified Device Installation" is a priority at OHWOAI. Our dedication to enhancing PoE technology and exploring wireless options reflects our commitment to user-friendly solutions.


In conclusion, as a pioneering force in surveillance technology, OHWOAI is dedicated to reshaping security paradigms. Our innovative approach combines state-of-the-art technology with real-world practicality to maximize user benefits. By addressing user needs and integrating advanced features, we continue to revolutionize the surveillance landscape for a safer and more secure future.

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