Analyzing the Smart Video Surveillance Market: An OHWOAI Perspective

In recent years, the surge in demand for intelligent security products has sparked a transformation across the industry. At present, the global security market boasts an impressive valuation of $300 billion. While a modest dip might have been projected for the video surveillance camera market in 2020, the investments pouring into China's video surveillance sector are on a rapid recovery trajectory. Omdia's projections suggest that by 2024, China's intelligent video surveillance market will attain a remarkable valuation of $16.7 billion, with a steady annual growth rate averaging 9.5% from 2019 through 2024.


**The Current State of Intelligent Cameras**


Surveying the prevailing application landscape in the security market, it's evident that non-intelligent cameras still dominate the market share, with intelligent cameras commanding less than 12%. Yet, the trajectory for the intelligent camera market indicates sustained growth. These intelligent cameras serve as the sensory linchpin, orchestrating a symphony of deep applications across diverse scenarios. Their role entails real-time multi-dimensional data perception and seamless integration with other sensor devices, culminating in a comprehensive, multi-dimensional holographic perception system. These devices are further evolving into micro data hubs, seamlessly amalgamating audio capture, intercom devices, atmospheric data collection instruments, 4G/5G wireless transmission modules, storage devices, and more. Simultaneously, they delve into deep data integration and analysis.


**China's Dynamic Security Landscape**


China's security industry resilience index clocked in at 144 in Q3 2020, reflecting a year-on-year contraction of 9%, yet a substantial 20% surge sequentially. This shift can be attributed to the gradual containment of the pandemic and the stimulus generated by new infrastructure endeavors such as the "Bright Project," alongside urban renovation initiatives. Noteworthy projects like the "Bright Project," focusing on urban governance, intelligent transportation, and community transformations, are elevating AI-fueled security devices from tens to thousands of deployments, underscoring the gradual maturity of the intersection between security and AI.


**Market Dynamics and Key Players**


China's intelligent video surveillance arena has witnessed the influx of new contenders. AI-powered entities and internet behemoths, exemplified by the BAT group, have secured a slice of the market share from smaller video surveillance players. Notably, the AI industry's financing figures experienced a marked decline in 2019. However, the supply-side dynamics of video surveillance equipment continue to gravitate towards consolidation, with industry titans like Hikvision, Dahua, and Uniview collectively commandeering a substantial 59% share of the Chinese market.


**Evolution of Intelligent Cameras**


Over a span of more than a decade, China's security industry has experienced an astronomical expansion, with total revenues surging to an impressive ¥235 billion in 2010 and scaling ever higher thereafter. In 2016, total revenues catapulted to ¥540 billion. By the close of 2017, the country boasted a security enterprise count of approximately 21,000, collectively generating over ¥600 billion in revenue at an average annual growth rate of 14.4%. Projections indicate revenues nearing ¥667.8 billion for 2018, and the sector is poised to break the ¥800 billion barrier by 2020.


**Intelligent Cameras in the 5G and AI Era**


After more than a decade of development, China's domestic video surveillance systems have ballooned in scale and complexity. A rich trove of data spanning vehicles and faces is generated, necessitating swift, effective data mining. Addressing this challenge hinges on AI computer vision technology, which has gained ground since 2018, making notable strides in facial recognition, human recognition, license plate recognition, and vehicle identification.


**Conclusion: The Convergence of Technologies and Strategies**


The intersection of 5G and AI is reshaping the video surveillance industry, propelling it towards the realms of ultra-high-definition and AI intelligence. OHWOAI stands steadfast in pioneering these advancements, steering towards a future where safety and intelligence harmoniously coexist. As China embraces the concept of "new infrastructure," the amalgamation of AI, 5G, and security looms on the horizon, ushering in unprecedented possibilities for the security sector and propelling it into the age of intelligent surveillance.

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