Common Issues with Surveillance Cameras - Insights from OHWOAI

OHWOAI is a leading brand known for its advanced and reliable monitoring devices, specializing in high-quality surveillance camera systems. We understand that even the best technologies can encounter challenges. In this article, we will discuss some common issues that users might face with surveillance cameras and offer valuable insights and solutions from the perspective of OHWOAI.

Insufficient Night Vision on Infrared Dome Cameras:
One common issue that users may encounter with infrared dome cameras is poor night vision performance, such as images being too bright or white spots appearing. This problem is often caused by improper assembly during manufacturing. A key factor is the distance between the photosensitive device (photosensitive resistor) and the dome; if it's too far, the infrared lights might not fully activate at night, resulting in poor image illumination. Additionally, the issue of whitened images or bright spots is typically due to infrared light being refracted onto the lens through the dome cover.
To address these issues, OHWOAI recommends ensuring proper assembly during installation. The photosensitive device should be appropriately placed inside the dome. To prevent infrared light from reaching the lens surface, a sponge ring can be used to isolate the lens and infrared light.

Overexposed Images on Night Vision Waterproof Cameras:
Some users may experience overexposed or whitened images on night vision waterproof cameras during nighttime operation. This issue often occurs when the camera is used in environments with reflective surfaces or confined spaces. The problem is caused by the reflection of infrared light, which affects the image quality.
To resolve this issue, it is essential to assess the camera's operating environment and minimize reflective surfaces. Users should also ensure that the camera's effective infrared distance matches the actual usage distance. In situations where a long-range infrared camera is used in a small space, the infrared intensity may be too strong, leading to overexposed images.

No Image Display:
If there is no image display from the surveillance camera, users should first check the external power supply's polarity to ensure it is correctly connected and providing the required voltage (DC12V ± 10% or AC24V ± 5%). Next, inspect the video connection to ensure proper contact. For cameras with manual aperture lenses, users should ensure that the aperture is open, while cameras with automatic aperture lenses might require adjusting the LEVEL potentiometer to the appropriate position.

Color Distortion or Imbalance:
Color distortion or imbalance issues may arise due to improper settings of the white balance switch (AWB) or drastic changes in ambient lighting conditions. Users should check the white balance switch settings, ensuring it is not set to OFF. Additionally, they should try to improve the lighting conditions in the environment.

Image Distortion or Geometric Aberrations:
Image distortion or geometric aberrations could result from problems in the camera's geometric correction circuit or the optical lens. It could also occur due to mismatched characteristic impedance between the video connection cable and the camera's output impedance. If such issues arise, users should first check if the optical lens is functioning correctly and verify that the monitor's input impedance switch is set to 75Ω. Subsequently, they should ensure that the video connection cable's impedance is 75Ω.

At OHWOAI, we are committed to delivering reliable surveillance camera systems. In the event of any technical issues, we hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights and solutions. Remember that proper installation, environmental considerations, and routine maintenance can greatly enhance the performance and longevity of your surveillance camera system. For further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team.

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