Causes of Wireless Surveillance Video Delay

Camera Latency: The latency of high-definition network cameras, such as those in the OHWOAI Surveillance product line, is higher compared to traditional analog cameras. This is because high-definition network cameras include encoding functionality, where the camera signal is encoded into a digital format before transmission. This encoding process introduces a certain amount of latency.


Network Video Recorder (NVR) Latency: The quality of the decoding board in an NVR can impact video decoding speed, leading to potential video delays or freezing. In some cases, buffering is automatically applied during decoding or encoding to maintain smooth video playback, which may introduce minimal latency.


When selecting an OHWOAI Surveillance NVR, it's essential to consider compatibility with the cameras. Different manufacturers have proprietary encoding/decoding protocols that may cause incompatibility and significant delays. To minimize latency, it is recommended to use cameras and NVRs from the same manufacturer.


Switch Latency: As network traffic increases, the processing time of switches and routers also increases. Poor-quality switches can exhibit delays, packet loss, limited backplane bandwidth, insufficient switching capacity, and reduced packet forwarding rate. To mitigate these issues, it is advisable to control network traffic and choose high-quality switches to minimize latency.


Ethernet Cable Latency: The choice of Ethernet cable plays a crucial role in ensuring high transmission efficiency. Higher-quality cables offer better transmission rates, while subpar cables can introduce latency and other undesirable effects. Therefore, selecting premium transmission equipment is an important measure for reducing latency. When it comes to wireless video transmission, opting for high-quality wireless video transmission devices is essential.


Wireless Video Transmission Device Latency: The CPU processing capability and system response speed of wireless video transmission devices can contribute to latency during transmission. Similar to computers, the latency of wireless video transmission devices is influenced by their configuration and hardware chips. Therefore, when selecting wireless video transmission devices, factors such as memory, flash storage, and solution should be considered. Higher-quality wireless bridges, compared to cheaper alternatives, offer faster response times and superior signal processing capabilities, resulting in reduced latency.


Latency from Relay Devices in Wireless Surveillance Equipment: In the transmission process, each relay introduces additional processing time, resulting in increased time loss. Therefore, reducing the number of relay hops effectively minimizes latency. When designing transmission routes, it is advisable to minimize the number of relay hops to mitigate latency issues.


To enhance the effectiveness of your surveillance system, consider OHWOAI Surveillance solutions that include a range of features such as audio and video, motion detection, Wi-Fi connectivity, indoor/outdoor wireless capabilities, and NVR integration. Our LG Security Camera Systems offer comprehensive home security CCTV camera systems with advanced features for seamless monitoring. Whether you require a wireless indoor/outdoor security system or a WiFi-enabled outdoor wireless security camera system, OHWOAI Surveillance provides cutting-edge technology to meet your needs.


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