Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Cameras for Home Use

As a leading brand in surveillance devices, OHWOAI offers a comprehensive range of high-quality security camera systems to meet various needs. When selecting the perfect outdoor camera system for your home, there are several key factors to keep in mind. Let's explore the top considerations from the perspective of our brand:

Lens Focal Length
One of the essential aspects to consider is the lens focal length, which determines how far the camera can see. For outdoor surveillance, where wide coverage and long distances are often required, this factor takes priority. Remember that larger focal lengths enable long-range viewing with a narrower field of view, while smaller focal lengths provide closer views with a broader field of view. For added flexibility, consider cameras with adjustable focal lengths to accommodate multiple monitoring points.

Outdoor cameras face extreme weather conditions and environmental challenges. Therefore, ensuring weatherproofing is crucial. Our outdoor cameras adhere to at least an IP66 or higher rating, guaranteeing complete dust protection and resistance to high-pressure water jets. With this level of protection, the cameras can withstand any harsh weather elements.

Night Vision Capability
Superior night vision is another critical requirement for outdoor surveillance. Most of our cameras support infrared night vision, and some even offer advanced features like starlight night vision, full-color night vision, and black light night vision.

Storage Options
The choice of storage method is essential for efficient video recording and retrieval. For single outdoor cameras with lower recording duration demands, we recommend using memory cards as the most cost-effective option. On the other hand, for extended recording needs or multiple cameras, opting for hard disk recording is ideal. Although this setup requires separate devices and incurs slightly higher costs, it offers ample storage capacity and centralized management.

Cloud storage is also available, allowing remote access to video footage. However, it comes at a higher cost and is best suited for those seeking enhanced data security and easy retrieval.

Power and Connectivity Options
Our outdoor cameras come with various power and connectivity options to suit different installation scenarios:
Electric Power and WiFi: Suitable for locations near indoor power outlets, like balconies, main entrances, large indoor courtyards, and surrounding villas. This setup eliminates the need for complex network cabling, and WiFi signal amplifiers can extend the WiFi coverage if necessary.
Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Wired Network: Ideal for areas with some distance from indoor power sources or where WiFi coverage is weak or unavailable, such as outdoor parking spaces, private gardens, vegetable gardens, and orchards. PoE cameras receive power and network connectivity over a single Ethernet cable, making them suitable for multiple camera installations.
Solar Power and Battery: Designed for vast and remote areas like large farms, fish ponds, and orchards. While this option provides flexibility, it may require careful consideration of monitoring strategies due to environmental factors affecting solar power reliability.
Intelligent Features
Our outdoor cameras offer advanced intelligent features, enhancing their practicality in various scenarios:
Auto Patrolling: Enables cameras to automatically rotate and patrol specific areas at predefined intervals, facilitating extensive coverage in locations like orchards, farms, and fish ponds.
Motion Detection: Precisely identifies moving objects, minimizing false alerts and providing timely push notifications to connected devices.
Audiovisual Alarms: When unauthorized intrusions occur, cameras can trigger audio and visual alarms, effectively deterring unlawful activities.
Two-Way Audio: Equipped with local two-way audio communication, cameras allow quick and effective responses to unexpected events, preventing losses.
These intelligent functions significantly improve the usefulness of our surveillance cameras, allowing you to select the most suitable options based on your specific requirements.

In conclusion, when choosing outdoor cameras for home use, keep these essential factors in mind. OHWOAI offers a wide range of security camera systems, including PoE security camera systems, 4K security camera systems, and NVR security camera systems, ensuring your home remains protected with reliable surveillance solutions.

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